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An extremely useful file containing all the necessary information
for starting and running an ICO project.

Table of content

# Sheet name Description
1 Content List of all sheets
2 Timeline 16 weeks full circle ICO timeline
3 ICO listings 50+ ICO listing websites with pricing and stats. We analyzed more than 100 trackers and collected only active ones.
4 Blockchain Media Main blockchain media resourses with Ads prices and stats
5 Telegram Full list of Crypto & ICO groups in Telegram, 980 groups
6 Youtube List of Youtube Crypto channels, 60 channels
7 Facebook Full list of Crypto & ICO groups on Facebook, 40+ groups
8 Crypto Funds List of several crypto funds + link to full list / not for spam, only for normal contacts
9 Venture Funds List of Venture Funds
10 Bounty Hunters Email Database Email database of active Bounty Hunters
11 Hedge Funds List of Hedge Funds
12 Indian Funds List of Indian Venture Funds
13 Indian Angels List of Indian Business Angels
14 Angels List of Business Angels
15 Partners Some partners
16 #1 Tokens Example of tokens calculating
17 #2 Financial Model An example of a financial model
18 #3 Adwords stop-words List of stop-words for Advertising System like Google Adwords
19 Telegram Ad List of Telegram channels for your Advertisement
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The document is really engaging! Almost everything, a crypto project might need, before stepping on the ICO path.
Sachin Gupta
SachinChains, ICO Marketing Agency

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