FAQ: ICO Investor Databases

How relevant are the Investor Databases?

We constantly work on databases and update them. We send database updates to customers within the next 3 months for free.

Crypto Funds

Updated October 5, 2018

Asian Funds

Updated August 2, 2018

Investors' emails

Updated Dec 21, 2018

Bounty Hunters

Updated July 12, 2018

Telegram Investors

Updated June 27, 2018

Hedge Funds

Updated 2017

Venture Funds

Updated August 20, 2018

ICOs Database

Updated December 20, 2018

What are the guarantees that we will get the bases?

Guarantees are our team. We organize turnkey ICO. Reputation is our main virtue. 3 out of 4 clients come to us on recommendation. Our project exists more than 1 year and during this time there were no negative reviews. Therefore, we always provide high-quality services.

What is the conversion of databases?

Databases conversions are different. Conversion of Crypto, Hedge and Venture Funds depend ONLY on the competencies of your team and the relevance of your product.

Conversion of the telegram database: message views - 90%. Only active users in the database, the database is updated weekly. Conversion of clicks depends on the quality of the message, the attractiveness of the picture and the CTA message, as well as the method of distribution (in private messages or invitations to channels).

The conversion of the Email database depends on the mailing tools or services, as each service differs bypass spam filters. The percentage of opening letters also depends on the warming up of the base and other mechanics - for more information, contact the mailing specialists.

The conversion of letter openings depends ONLY on your CTA message.
Conversion of clicks depends on the relevance of your product, CTA-message and letter design.

What companies did you work with?

We do not disclose information about customers who bought the database. We also will not disclose information about your company if you become our customers.

Where is your company headquarter located?

Our office is located at: Russia, Saint Petersburg, prospekt Energetikov 3 lit A
Information about the members of the team you can find on our website.

How did you collect all this data?

Some of the databases are provided by our partners. They provide the following databases: Email, Telegram.

The rest of the bases are developed by our team. The bases are updated regularly. Now we are working on the bases of Dubai, Japan and South Africa.

Bounty Hunters Database is legally collected from more than 140 bounty campaigns, so you can safely send out letters on it. Hunters are interested to be hired.

Where can I find feedback from your customers?

You can see the rating of our online store on the CoinPayments service. To do this, click the purchase button. You will be redirected to the store page.

You can see that our rating is 5 stars. There are no negative reviews.


What rules do you have for buying and returning?

To purchase the bases you must agree with our rules.

Privacy policy

Terms and conditions

Return Policy

Can we order mass mailings from you?

We do not carry out mass mailings. But we can offer the services of another company.

Can we order mass mailings via Telegram?

We do not carry out mass mailings. But we can offer the services of another company.

Crypto Funds

577 crypto funds actual database

Will help you find large investors and quickly collect Hard cap

Read more

Asian Funds

100+ Funds, 40+ angels

One of the most promising markets in the world

Read more

Investors' emails

700 000+ emails

Only crypto enthusiasts, traders and investors

Read more

Bounty Hunters

104 000 emails

Hunters will help to promote your ICO for tokens!

Read more

Telegram Investors

1 285 000 contacts

Accounts from the most popular crypto & investment groups

Read more

Hedge Funds

5200 investment companies

This database is for finding large investors and partners

Read more

Venture Funds

500+ Funds

More and more venture funds invest in ICOs

Read more

All Databases

30% Discount

Spend just a few thousand dollars to get million!

Read more


Andrew Vlasov

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Telegram: @andrewvlasov


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