#2 Crypto Investor EMAIL database (only US), 1 000 000+ emails / price 2019

Spend just $290 to get millions


#2 Crypto Investor EMAIL database (only US), 1 000 000+ emails

The service is provided by partners.

1 000 000+ emails from exchange.

Tell about your project to the target audience! In this database there are only US crypto traders and ICO investors.

Sample of #2 email database

Write to us at

Price: $290



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ALL 11 DATABASES, 70% Discount

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This pack includes all 11 databases:
1. Crypto Fund Database
2. Asian Fund Database new
3. Bounty Hunters Database new
4. Hedge Fund Database
5. Venture Fund Database
6. #1 Email Database
7. Telegram Database new
8. Full ICOs Database new
9. #2 Email Database (only US) new
10. #3 Email Database (only Brazil) new
11. Crypto and ICO twitter followers Database new

Price: $8000

Crypto Funds

577 crypto funds actual database

Will help you find large investors and quickly collect Hard cap

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Asian Funds

100+ Funds, 40+ angels

One of the most promising markets in the world

Read more

Investors' emails

700 000+ emails

Only crypto enthusiasts, traders and investors

Read more

Bounty Hunters

104 000 emails

Hunters will help to promote your ICO for tokens!

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Telegram Investors

1 285 000 contacts

Accounts from the most popular crypto & investment groups

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Hedge Funds

5200 investment companies

This database is for finding large investors and partners

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Venture Funds

500+ Funds

More and more venture funds invest in ICOs

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All Databases

30% Discount

Spend just a few thousand dollars to get million!

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Founder & CEO

Anton Kotelnikov

Product Manager, Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Investor

Yury Yeustratchyk


Natalia Skripchenko

Head of Event Department

Eugenia Lepilina

Head of PR


Andrew Vlasov

Founder & CEO


Telegram: @andrewvlasov


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Sales Manager



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