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Clickle is a platform for businesses to provide a way for their customers to interact with them digitally in a way that acts like the business’ own app. The fastes way to organize - Everything with just one CLICK

Starting time: December 16 2017

Hard cap

3 400 000 €


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Project name: Clickle

Token name and ticker symbol: Clickle Token / CLICK

Used blockchain: Ethereum / HyperLedger also in the Future

One line catch phrase: The fastes way to organize - Everything with just one CLICK

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Concept description

Clickle is a platform for businesses to provide a way for their customers to interact with them digitally in a way that acts like the business’ own app. Furthermore, Clickle as a platform offers additional services that would be very difficult or impossible for a business to integrate into their proprietary app. For many small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) this is their first opportunity to create appointments with their customers automatically, avoiding wait times for them (e.g. callbacks and delayed information), to give access to certain information or documents, accept orders in digital form and execute them. Every business in the world can offer a contemporary digital service directly to their customers.

Clickle creates an additional benefit for the users: due to the central organization and the possibility to contact all businesses with one tool and its intelligent automatization, Clickle reduces the effort for customers enormously.

Clickle becomes the ideal partner for daily life. Clickle with its core features is already usable today. A payment system for cryptocurrencies and a reward system will be developed additionally after the token sale.

Clickle is a fully developed platform. Revenues from the token sales will mostly be spent on marketing affairs and additional development.

How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects:

Clickle is a digital platform. Online portals and digital platforms are the most important business model in the age of digitalization. This is also approved by the 20 most valuable companies in the world. Digital platforms and online portals are a substantial part of the digital transformation. Through them, countless businesses are able to offer their customers instant access to their products and services. The formula for success is very simple: platforms create multilateral markets and value-adding interaction between external producers and consumers.

Today ́s digital economy is dominated by platforms. A major advantage of digital platforms is direct and indirect networking effects. In this way, they are superior to pipelines, the former value-added chains. Economists refer to platform systems with positive feedback due to the platforms’ ability to generate high values and advantages for every participant. More precisely, every time new user registers, the usefulness of that platform increases for every other user that is already registered; known as the networking effect.

A comparable product is not available on the market. There are several different providers for some parts of functionality/features of the app, which strongly differ from the purpose of Clickle and are not a global platform at all. They cover only their own sub-area, are rarely compatible with solutions of other sub-areas and therefore create additional overhead for the integrating companies. Again these products, in general, do not offer the beneit of one platform with a high added value for end customers.

A Simple Example

Let's say you want to organize a meeting:

First, you choose the people and the location - like a restaurant.

CLICKLE then automatically finds the most suitable date and table for the chosen group and organizes accommodations and transportation, if desired. Alternatively, you can choose the date, restaurant and table yourself and let CLICKLE handle the rest.

CLICKLE will organize the event according to the general preferences of the participants and requires no further guidance. It will provide them with a route, traffic information, or a taxi and reminds them of the schedule.

Time required: 5 seconds.

Automated Tasks

CLICKLE automatically looks for free capacities and, if necessary, adjusts times and dates with everyone.

CLICKLE is especially helpful for small and medium enterprises as it automates their administration entirely. 

As Fast As You Click

Once the appointment is set everyone is immediately updated with all the important information.

CLICKLE also offers various payments including token payment and by paying gratifications and bonus or member cards get updated.



API with full customizability

Medium Enterprises

Integration of API,
process optimization

Small Enterprise

Powerful office software
30 minutes to automation


Universal personal assistant

Token sale

Incorporated company's country: Germany

Website link:

Token sale start date and time(UTC): Dec. 16, 2017 | 01:00 PM (UTC +1)

Token sale end date and time (UTC):  Dec. 23, 2017 | 01:00 PM (UTC +1)

Token Allocation
17.000.000 CLICK Crowdsale
1.000.000 CLICK Team and Advisor
1.000.000 CLICK Reserve Fund
1.000.000 CLICK Token Sale Early Bird Bonus

ICO price of token: 0,20€


Whitepaper link:

Github code repository:

Bitcointalk Thread:

Twitter profile:


Facebook product page:

Youtube channel link:


Smart contract address:

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